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In Loving Memory of Ken Ngai

時間表(香港時間) | Schedule(Hong Kong Time)




The Taoist ceremony will promptly begins at 11:00am, it will take around 20mins.  After the ceremony, Ken will be moved to the Diamond Hill Crematorium for cremation.


**For those who are joining us over Zoom, please log in a few minutes early, but feel free to exit anytime once ceremony has begun. 

危永焜生平亮點 | Highlights of Ken's Life

頌詞 | Eulogy

Today we gather to remember Ken Ngai’s life and celebrate what he meant to us. For those of you whom we haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting, we are the children of Ken Ngai – Ted, David, and Karen. We would like to thank you all for joining us here on zoom to mourn the loss of Ken with us and our family. 

Ken was born in Shiqi, China, on April 4th, 1945. Due to various circumstances, Ken was sent to live with his aunt in Hong Kong to study at a young age. He was the oldest of three children, along with his siblings Vincent and Marian. The family suffered a devastating loss in 2014 when Vincent succumbed to his battle with cancer.  

Ken was married to our mom Clara for 47 years. They were thrilled to welcome us, their children, into their lives. Ken also had three loving grandchildren, Karina, Karlie, and Russell. Ken’s death has left an enormous void in all of our lives, and we miss him very dearly.


Our dad is a family man. Growing up, Sunday was a dedicated family day where we would spend quality time together. From having family lunches to shopping to cleaning and redecorating the house, he taught us family will always be there for each other and to always help one another.  

Ken was a successful fine jeweler for over 45 years. He studied and traveled to many parts of the world to become an expert in diamonds and gemstones. Ken is a master in sourcing raw materials and designing them into fine jewelry. His sharp eye for jewelry and keen sense of aesthetics brought him many new and repeat customers. He was known as a trustworthy businessman and a fair boss. When he wasn’t at his office, he liked to spend time with his family, organizing and re-decorating his office and home.   

Anyone who knew Ken knew that he was a workaholic and took to the serious side of life. He liked to keep himself busy, sometimes a little too busy that he would forget to take good care of himself. He was a very responsible man who dedicated his life to caring and providing for his family. Ken never hesitated to offer a helping hand to others who needed help and was a role model for many of his peers. Ken was generous and selfless. That is why he had friends and colleagues who knew him for decades and who cared for him deeply as well. He lived a principled life, valuing wisdom, respect, honesty, humility, and truth. Ken was a man well-respected by all his family, friends, colleagues, and clients.

Ken was the best father one could ever imagine. He supported and protected us even when we, as children, caused many headaches. From breaking cell phones to accidentally denting his car, the first thing he would ask was, “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” Dad always put our safety and health as a priority, accepting our mistakes, so we learn to become more responsible people.  

As a son, Ken worked extra hard to become a successful person. He was a good son giving back to the best of his ability and took good care of his parents. As a husband, Ken provided everything he could and more so that our mom can enjoy life and be worry-free. As a father, he worked tirelessly to ensure that his kids are happy and can pursue whatever dreams they may have. As a grandfather, he showed his love by always praising his grandchildren, and giving them the confidence to grow up to be successful people. 

Ken taught us to work hard, be kind, respect others, and to live happily.  He was always there for us, no matter what. We were all so lucky to have a father who would do everything he could to make sure we were safe and happy. 


Goodbye, our beloved father. We all love you very much and will miss you tremendously. You touched so many lives. Because of you, we will live our lives the way you taught us, by working hard, being kind and respecting others, while living happily. Your gentleness and selflessness will continue to inspire us forever. Rest in peace, our beloved father. 

親友花圈 | Sympathy Arrangments

近親儀式 | Family Ceremony

靈堂 | Mourning Hall

打齋超道 | Final Ceremony

火葬場地 | Cremation Site

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