insolar louver system


This definition extends the GH powercopy to be parametrically associated with the solar geometry obtained through the insolar radiation algorithm. It is part of a larger series related to the idea of Environmental Parametrics.


[vimeo 7077759 720 396]

4 Responses to “insolar louver system”

  1. Ben Anderson says:


    There seems to be a breakdown of the VB script ‘EarthRadiusFactor’…any ideas if this issue persists on your end?



  2. ted says:

    it’s been fixed now, please download the definition again.

  3. Peng says:

    The problem of the EarthRadiusFactor script remains the same….

  4. Peng says:

    I think I’ve found the solution, add a Math. before Sin, Cos and PI in the script