component population on mesh


This file populates a set of geometric components (examples with 4 or 8 components included) on a colored mesh. The color information is a way to embed external data into the geometry and give you instant feedback about the perfomance. The data can come from Ecotect analysis, ask the sun system which is available here, help or any other analysis software. Meshes do need to be quads.


[vimeo 6996063 720 396]

4 Responses to “component population on mesh”

  1. Matthew says:

    First let me say thank you for writing the script and definition and posting it. It exactly what I’m investigating. I’m having trouble hooking up vb script component with 8 components.

    Thanks again,

  2. […] point (as was intended).  The actual grasshopper definition of aggregation was borrowed from PinupSpace’s component population page.  The definition is very simple; all it requires is a subdivided mesh, preferably with some […]

  3. […] _component population on mesh ted ngai has created in interesting gh script that allows components to be placed on a mesh based off of a color value. this process was designed to optimize a skin system from ecotect data, but could be any data set. the only criteria is that there are a certain amount of components that can be arrayed based from a set of information. because there is no limit to the geometry defining the components, this is an incredibly flexible system that can allow a large variety of patterning. […]