incident solar | day

This is a re-written version of the sun position algorithm based on NOAA’s published algorithm. It is written in This definition displays the accumulation of direct solar radiation throughout the day in false color. IMPORTANT NOTE: the values in the system do not consider the scattering and absorption effects such as water vapor, ozone, aerosol, therefore the numbers are not accurate and should not be used for any purpose other than as a simple visual feedback for designers.



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  1. Eric Lahm says:

    I’ve tried all of these definitions for the solar angles, however I continually get an error for the ‘Earth Radius Factor” and the “SPA”… the earth radius factor states that “pi” “cos” etc are not defined, how do I fix this?

    /Users/ericlahm/Desktop/Screen shot 2010-01-27 at 1.13.10 AM.png

  2. ted says:

    Thanks for spotting the bug, it’s been fixed now. You can also just quickly fix that by changing Pi to Math.Pi and Cos to Math.Cos. Best.

  3. Charles Vincent says:

    I’ve been trying Sun_System-Irradiation-Day on GH 0.7014, but the sun arc displays sunrise at midnight, and sunset at midnight too ! Using Lat -23 Long +46, GMT -3

    Any hints on how to correct this ?

  4. Charles Vincent says:

    upon playing with LAT / LONG / GMT settings, I just found that a negative GMT setting coauses the solar arc to misbehave. I’m in souther hemisphere and on GMT -3, but the solutions only come out right if I set GMT 3 !

  5. martin says:


  6. Andrew says: