incident solar | analemma

This is a re-written version of the sun position algorithm based on NOAA’s published algorithm. It is written in¬†This definition displays the accumulation of direct solar radiation throughout the year in false color. Daily solar positions are also displayed as an analemma.¬†IMPORTANT NOTE: the values in the system do not consider the scattering and absorption effects such as water vapor, ozone, aerosol, therefore the numbers are not accurate and should not be used for any purpose other than as a simple visual feedback for designers.



2 Responses to “incident solar | analemma”

  1. Claudio Nunez says:

    Hello there,

    First of all congratulations for your work. Its been an inspiration and a learning tool for me. I’ve been using GH for a year now and still considering my self as a newbee. I have a problem with your incident solar analema definition. While its seems to work fine, I don’t get the gradient result on the geometry surface. I only see a plain color (blue on this case). The surface that I use as an input is a simple Nurbs nothing fancy. And also the gradient component is orange as if its not receiving any information. I’m using the latest GH version 0.6.0059, perhaps thats the problem

    Thank you very much



  2. Madalin says:

    great job!

    your blog is inspiring and this is a very useful tool.
    I’m new to parametric design and I must tell you that what I saw here was great.
    it would be nice if there was a section of those links on tutorials that helped you learn throughout time.